High Voltage Operation (50 Volts and Above)

With proper configuration, the Wi-Fi Stepper can handle up to 80 volts input. Board modification is needed when using 50 volts and higher. This is due to two factors: 1) Input ratings on the barrel connector and 2) the maximum input voltage of the DC-DC regulator. When operating at 50+ volts, please ensure the following:

  1. Use only the screw terminals for voltage input. (The barrel connector is not rated for more than 50 volts)
  2. Cut jumper JP0 (located mid-board next to DC-DC regulator) and provide 3.3 volt a regulated supply separately to one of the inputs labeled 3V3 and GND on either side of the board.

Special Note: This board needs the Vin input supply to be present prior to the 3.3v logic supply being present. Under this modification, please ensure that the logic supply voltage is only active when Vin is active as well.

Heat Sink and Cooling Fans

The Wi-Fi Stepper comes with a standard Heat Sink that under typical operation should be affixed to the powerSTEP01 main chip (center board). If your application uses high current, the standard heat sink may not be sufficient in all cases. Monitor the temperature of both the powerSTEP01 and the current sense resistors adjacent to determine if active cooling (fans) or a larger heat sink is needed. It is recommended that a fan be used if the operational current exceeds 7 amps RMS regularly.