RESTful Interface

Use the RESTful interface for easy and quick setup. It is the default interface that supports all commands and uses GET requests only. The Quick Start Guide uses this interface extensively. For bash scripting, it is recommended to use cURL to issue the commands, and jq to parse the return codes and status.


HOST="wsx100.local" # or <ip>
TARGET="0" # Only when daisy-chain enabled (default 0)
QUEUE="0" # Needed only for motor control commands (default 0)
curl -sS "http://${HOST}/api/<COMMAND>?arg1=<ARG1>&arg2=<ARG2>&target=${TARGET}&queue=${QUEUE}"

# Eample using Execution Queue (Queue 0, the default) and no daisy-chaining
curl -sS "http://${HOST}/api/motor/run?dir=forward&stepss=100"

# Example adding to Queue 3
curl -sS "http://${HOST}/api/goto?pos=800&queue=3"

# Example that gets the current motor state of
# target 1 (on daisy-chain) and pipes to jq for parsing
curl -sS "http://${HOST}/api/motor/state?target=${TARGET}" | jq